Nt1330 Unit 7 Knowledge Assessment

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Lesson 7 Introduction to Group Policy Matching Match the following definitions with the appropriate term. a. Administrative Templates f. GPO Inheritance b. asynchronous processing g. local GPO c. Block Policy Inheritance h. Loopback Processing d. Default Domain Controller Policy i. LSDOU e. Enforce j. multiple local GPOs _______ 1. Configuring this setting will prevent a GPO's settings from being overwritten by another GPO that is applied later in the inheritance process. [e] P150 _______ 2. By default, GPOs are applied in this order. [i] P148 _______ 3. Computers in child OUs will receive GPO settings applied to a parent OU through this process. [f] P146 _______ 4. User logon scripts are applied in this manner. [b] P149 _______ 5. These are used to define registry-based policy settings in the User Configuration and Computer Configuration nodes. [a] P146 _______ 6. Use this option to configure GPO settings for a particular user based on the location in Active Directory of the user's computer. [h] P150 _______ 7. This option will allow you to configure separate local GPOs for administrators and non-administrators on a Windows Vista computer. [j] P141 _______ 8. This setting is configured at the container level and prevents default GPO inheritance. [c] P150 _______ 9. This GPO is linked to the Domain Controllers OU by default in a Windows Server 2008 domain. [d] P144 _______ 10. This is the first GPO applied during normal GPO processing. [g] P141 Multiple Choice 1. What is the process of applying a Group Policy Object to a particular container, such as a site, domain, or an organizational unit? a. Linking b. Inheriting c. Configuring d. Applying A single GPO can be linked to any number of sites, domains, and organizational units to allow the settings configured in that GPO to apply to users and computers within that container.

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