Lab 8.4 Configuring Account Policies

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LAB 8 MANAGING USERS AND COMPUTERS WITH GROUP POLICY This lab contains the following projects and activities: Project 8.1 Project 8.2 Project 8.3 Project 8.4 Configuring Account Policies Configuring Audit Policies Configuring Folder Redirection Enabling Disk Quotas Lab Review Questions Lab Challenge 8.1 Creating a Fine-Grained Password Policy Post-Lab Cleanup BEFORE YOU BEGIN Lab 8 assumes that setup has been completed as specified in the setup document, and that your computer has connectivity to other lab computers and the Internet. Lab 8 also assumes that you have completed the non-optional exercises in the previous labs. Specifically, Lab 8 assumes the following: • The even-numbered computer (RWDCyy) must be configured…show more content…
Completion time 30 minutes Precautions This exercise will be performed on both computers. When you perform this exercise on the odd-numbered computer, you will be working with the Group Policy Management MMC snap-in. When you perform this exercise on the even-numbered computer, you will be working with the local group policy by opening the Group Policy Object Editor on the even-numbered computer. 1. Log onto RWDCzz as the default administrator of the domainxx.local domain. 2. Create a new folder called ConfidentialFiles in the root of the C:\ drive. 3. Right-click the ConfidentialFiles folder and select Properties. The ConfidentialFiles Properties dialog box is displayed. 4. Click the Security tab, and then click Advanced. The Advanced Security Settings for ConfidentialFiles dialog box is displayed. 5. Click the Auditing tab, click Edit, and then click Add. The Select User, Computer Or Group dialog box is displayed. 6. Key Everyone into the Enter Object Name To Select text box and click Check Names. Verify that the Everyone group is underlined and then click OK. The Auditing Entry For ConfidentialFiles dialog box is

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