L3 Business Unit 18 M1

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Assess the Importance of Meeting Organisational and Legal Requirements when Planning a Business Event. The event that is being organised is a table football charity event for Comic Relief. Importance of Meeting Organisational Requirements. Whilst organising this birthday the event organiser (EO) will have to make sure that they do everything needed accordingly and in a timely fashion. Starting to get behind on tasks will put increasing pressure on the EO and they may start rushing everything else, this could affect the end results in either being failures or below the asked standard. The procedure for this should consist the following: * Date of Event * Location of Event * Budget Whilst preparing for all this the event organiser (EO), should check with the employer. This is to make sure that the arrangements are acceptable and appropriate according to the employer’s needs. The EO will have to ensure that whatever is being hired / used is within the budget and if they do get slightly out the budget they should refer back to their employer about this and seek advice. Importance of Meeting Legal Requirements. The event organiser (EO) should be making sure every step of the way that all legal requirements are fulfilled accordingly. Legal requirements may be needed for things like the location.. LOCATION. The location is a legal place. Seeing proof of this is important. Having an event on premises which are not illegal can cause to have disciplinary action on the organisation, organiser and employer. SUPERVISION. Without supervision the event will be very hard to manage and control. Supervising the event at all times is important to ensure that nobody is getting hurt and everyone is playing fairly. Health and Safety Act The Health and Safety at Work is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that outlines the important organisation
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