M3, Unit 36

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P6/M3 When launching a website there are a variety of procedures that must be taken into account. All checks must be completed before the launch of the website. MSM driving school want their checks to be completed by the 3rd June 2012. Maintenance & Updates Maintenance and update of a website is important as they need to keep up to date with the changes so that customers know they are aware of what is happening around them and how they are changing things within to suit it. If this is not done regularly the company may lose potential customers. The people who they hire to maintain the website will be an external source. MSM driving school will state what they expect to have changed or updated and will give them a certain space of time to have it done in. When this is happening they will need to warn customers that the website will be down for a few weeks and an alternative way to get information. If they do not update the information when needed they are giving false information losing them their future customers. Customer feedback By allowing customers to give feedback on the website it means that the company will know how to improve their website and make it more user-friendly. Most websites tend to have contact page where they will have an email address, telephone number or address or a short form that can be filled out. Once this has been done the company will have a set team who will check for feedback at the end of every week. Feedback is important to MSM driving school as they just opened a new website and it is vital they make it useable for all ages. If this is not done they show that they are not caring of their customers opinions meaning they are losing customers. Promotion of website When a new business starts a website they need to promote it so that it becomes noticed by the public. There are two types of promotions, online promotion and
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