Explain The Guidelines, Procedures And Codes Of Practice Relevant To Personal Work

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Outline guidelines, procedures, and codes of practice relevant to personal work, and how you use these in the organisation • Terms of Reference - my job specification - This lists responsibilities that I am required to fulfil on a daily, weekly, monthly or routine basis • Data Protection Act 1988 - I am required to protect data that is not for viewing by unauthorised persons by ensuring I do not share data with unauthorised personnel. • Confidentiality Policy - I must and do not divulge confidential information to unauthorised personnel. • Equality Act 2010 - I must ensure I do not discriminate against others in any way and respect others at all times. • Health & Safety Policy - Helps me to stay safe and keep others safe in…show more content…
By keeping those informed you may be able to get extra help or resources to solve the problem. If the problem is due to broken equipment, try and use equipment in a different area of the company instead, or outsource the work. If the conflict is because of staff workload, try to reallocate the work to ensure it is fair, and seen to be fair, an emergency may mean that the current staff are not able to complete the task, see if there are other staff who can help out with the task. Explain the purpose and benefits of keeping other people informed about progress Keeping those concerned up to date, allows everyone to know what stage the task is at, if there are any problems or issues that need to be resolved. If others are working on the same project, they need to know any deadlines or changes to the deadline, so that they can prepare and plan for their part of the task. If people are not aware of progress or lack of progress, it is likely that objectives and deadlines will not be met. Explain the purpose and benefits of letting other people know in good time if work plans need to be

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