SR-HT-001 Service Request

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Service Request, SR-HT-001 It is essential that every company provide employee benefit. Similarly, it is imperative that the companies communicate and administer. However, the administering and communication of those benefits is tedious, complicated, error-prone, costly, and time-consuming. Additionally, the costs may include penalty levies and penalties by carriers and regulators for mishandling benefits programs. Various companies may offer numerous types of employee benefits. This paper examines the necessary considerations in solving the possible risks and security requirements related with the Benefits Elections Systems, which the Service Request, SR-HT-001 for Huffman Tracking Company has requested. Benefits Election…show more content…
These data holds the vital basic information on each employee, and in the wrong hands, it can become detrimental to both the business and the employees. It is the reason everyone in the business should be secure, and report any suspicion that someone has tampered with his or her information. The company should deal with such matters with the necessary urgency, as they can prove catastrophic. The data can be either an electronic file or a hardcopy paper file. The storing of such data calls for necessary security that would protect the employees’ privacy on their information from any litigation or theft. For Huffman Trucking to ensure the protection of employees’ information, it must address the risks related to the safeguarding of confidential information. That is, the company will ensure that no harm would come to the business. However, irresponsive of the procedure of handling the crucial information, the company must implement security measures to effectively safeguard the data, and the assets of the business, as well, from inherent threats such as litigation and…show more content…
The company used the Microsoft Access to create the Huffman Trucking Database tables. It used the tables with information to use in testing. The company used the Microsoft Project to manage, record, and monitor the electoral system benefits growth by the development management team of the software. This system's advantage is that it monitors and report employee benefits. Similarly, the report also explains the primary inputs of job in Microsoft

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