Kudler's External Environment

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Internal & External Environment Analysis STR 581 There are some external factors that are needed to be calculated for Kudler Fine Foods, to formulate proper internal environment changes that can affect the long term growth of the company. The external factors to be considered in the business environment are: operating environment, industry, and remote. In the extremely competitive food industry are manifested to create the threats and opportunities against Kudler Fine Foods. The owner and managers for Kudler Fine Foods will need to perform a SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis that can assist in the company’s options strategically. Internal Environment Kudler Fine Foods has plenty of local positive tractions in their business model, when compared to their other local grocers. Kudlers has plenty of strengths that are an asset to the company: high…show more content…
The resource-based view and the structure-conduct-performance paradigm of firm behavior are used to investigate whether firms with a competitive industry position through cost leadership or differentiation strategy have different export behaviors” (p.…show more content…
The other competitors will find Kudlers relationship with the local vendors and suppliers difficult to compete with in the local economy. Because of the close relationship that Kudler has with their current and local suppliers, competitors within their industry may find it difficult to find and source the produce that Kudler offers. Kudler has performed a good job of maintaining an orderly infrastructure to help with the local businesses to keep such a good relationship running in the long

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