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The organization that I have chosen to use for this project is QuikTrip. QuikTrip is a convenient store that originated in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1958 and has since expanded into several markets across the country including Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, and many others. They are well known for their cleanliness, quality food, and friendly service. They have a great track record in regard to being ahead of their competition and it is all due to the amount of research they do. 1. One thing that QuikTrip is known for is their food. They have developed a system in which they produce, transport, and sell their own products. It took many years of trial and error to get it right and they continue to try to improve the process to this day. Quiktrip constantly…show more content…
The third thing that they do an excellent job at doing is researching their future growth. Recently QuikTrip has dedicated much of its resources to improving the stores ability to produce food on site. They have designed a new and improved store that they call a "Gen 3" and it includes a full service counter that provides customers with soft serve ice cream, hot pretzels, and a variety of coffee and fruit drinks. They have realized that not only is the margin that they make on these types of items much larger than that of gas, but by offering these items that the majority of their competitors do not they are attracting more business. The new store design is very appealing to people because it has a lot more to offer, the feedback has been so positive that they have made plans to only build Gen 3 stores from now on. Instead of demolishing all of their old "Gen 2" stores they are going to make a hybrid store through renovating it. They are almost about to start this process in the division that I work in. They are going to take out a portion of the current freezers and a wall cooler to allow room to build a full service counter in what will be known as a "Gen 2.5". These renovations will give us everything that the Gen 3 does, the only difference being there won't be as long of a wait for…show more content…
The third and final thing that QuikTrip doesn't execute quite as well as they could is the use of their employees' ideas. They have the foundation for it to work, but it doesn't and the reason it isn't as successful as it could possibly be is due to the fact that there isn't enough incentive. QuikTrip has resource groups that meet to discuss and bring up issues that happen on every level of employment within the company. If they do have a great idea there isn't any significant recognition for them. It is for the most part a voluntary program and when all of the employees meet to discuss the topics that the resource groups have come up with nobody takes it seriously. This could be fixed with a similar solution as the way to get ideas from followers on the internet, by offering some sort of recognition and a possible reward. This would get everyone to take it seriously and real ideas that could make a difference would be able to surface and get

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