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SWOT Analysis: A case of J.M. Smucker Company The SWOT analysis is a very important practice that helps the business to know where it is going and how far it has come from. In this paper, I am going to use SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to get a clear insight of J.M. Smucker Company. Strengths: Smucker was the leading producer of Jams, Jellies, and preserves in the U.S, Canada and Australia in Mid 2002.The company has met or exceeded consumer expectations, and has been also a long time sponsor of good events. It has a much focused portfolio allowing for the growth in shares of every brand. The company has a strong financial performance which allowed it to make acquisitions that have strengthened its brand portfolio. For example, the company acquired Folgers from Proctor & Gamble in 2008 by taking advantage of that company inability to beverage the brand most of Smucker profit in 2009. The acquisitions have improved its position in the food industry, and have been successful in Latin American and 45 other countries. It has successfully blended the operations of its acquisitions to that of its own. It has been doing the right thing to grow brands and become more profitable such as ensuring better retail coverage and working more closely with customers. Weaknesses: Firstly, we can say that Smucker is very small in size and has a limited product line comparing to his competitors. Secondly, its sales for Crisco since the acquisition have fallen, and thirdly Mrs. Smith Pie business was a failure for Smucker’s company because of outdated facilities. Opportunities: Acquisitions are also providing the company with the opportunity to improve international business. The acquisition will allow the company to record sales of more than $1.3 billion, double profits and cash flows, grow to $3 billion, allow for organic sales growth, new

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