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Mission Statement The purpose of this paper is to analyze the mission statement of Whole Foods and discuss whether or not it meets the criteria set forth in David and David’s article. 1. Customers; their target market is addressed but I believe it is restricted to only those who have already made the decision to eat healthy. It appears that in order for them to attract new cliental they must satisfy there present consumers and hope that they spread a good word about Whole Foods products. 2. Products and services; in this case Whole Foods offers both. They offer high quality organic products to the consumer at very competitive prices and they pride themselves on their customer service techniques. They ensure that their employees are…show more content…
Concern for survival/growth/profits; this is specifically addressed, Whole Foods understands that in order to grow they must have a profit. As they stated the profit is their savings and a savings is what is needed in order to meet future needs. This is their “seed money” for future expansion. 6. Philosophy; is specifically addressed, Whole Foods core values are deeply embedded within the system which prevents them from becoming situation or person dependent. It is the employee who must adapt to the values versus the employee interpreting them in his own way. This also allows for everyone to be on the same sheet of music and the customer can expect the same type of customer service at any of the 162 stores. 7. Public image; Whole Foods wherever they may be located do support the communities in which the business is located and in which the employees reside. Currently they donate 5% of their after tax profit to not-for-profit agencies. In addition they reward its employees who provide volunteer services throughout the community. They are also environmentally aware of their surroundings. They take pride in being able to reduce packaging waste materials, actively involved in the community recycle plan and use as little as possible herbicides and pesticides that may find its way into the community’s water…show more content…
Employees; Whole Foods employees are empowered. It is only through this empowerment that an employee can express their thoughts, ideas and opinions. With this type of open communication it is easier for all to work as one cohesive team. Open lines of communication also play a major role when disseminating information whether good or bad up and down the chain of command. Employee contributions are definitely welcomed and will be acknowledged regardless of the person’s point of view. 9. Distinctive competence; well not knowing a great deal about this type of business I would have to say that Whole Foods is outdoing its competitors since they are in fact the largest in the world. Their team empowerment and creativity coupled with core values are most likely what led this organization to the top. I feel that their mission statement is a direct reflection of their philosophy and takes the organization from Point A to Point B. Their motto really captures it all and hits all nine points mentioned above. They are an organization that sells a top quality product, concerns itself with total customer satisfaction, expresses concern for the environment and community and has glide path to the future based on its success. This coupled with constant strategic analysis and the strategic management process will allow them to change to meet the external environment and ensure

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