Mcdonald's Environmental Sustainability And Corporate Responsibility

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McDonald’s Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility By Anthony E. Tumolo McDonald's has restaurant locations in 119 countries all over the world. The company has had a track record of being one of the most successful and ethical business practices in the modern era. McDonalds has earned recognition for its social responsible business practices by Fortune Magazine, Business World Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times of London, as well as several other highly respected publications, organizations, and government agencies. McDonald’s has made a pledge to sustainability and corporate responsibility. The company has dedicated itself to the preservation of resources as well as conducting business worldwide using the highest ethical standards. The company makes a difference within communities around the globe due to its understanding of the cultural differences that exist in the various markets. McDonalds is dedicated to the long-term business goals of the company including such measures that will better serve the community. This paper will examine the dedication McDonalds has made to establishing themselves amongst the leaders as being Corporate Responsible in its business ventures worldwide. As mentioned in the Jacobs text, working together with natural principles of development, expansion, sustainability, and correction, people can create more prosperous economies that are more environmentally sensitive than before. (Jacobs, 2000) Companies such as McDonalds have a successful track record of reaping the benefits of this philosophy. According to the Shell Oil Website, CEO Steve Miller believes in the importance of recognizing and implementing these strategies because of their responsibility to achieving ecological and societal sustainability and at the same time, acceptable profitability. (Shell, 2003) In this paper the
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