Unit 9 Creative Product Promotion

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Unit 9 Exploring Creative Product Promotion M1 Walkers Crisps Objectives and Aims • Their aim is to produce a first class product that everyone enjoys. • The objective is to manufacture a quality product to a high standard, to operate within the health and safety guidelines and to also make a profit to re-invest in the company. • To persuade the public that their brand is better than others and to gain more sales from this. The promotional aspect is integrated continuously within the marketing mix according to Walkers and these promotional activities help them achieve their business aims and objectives. Product Walkers use the product as their main selling point as it is the item that goes out to every single major retailer. They promote the product by using its outer packaging to advertise certain elements about the company, this could be their statement about having only 100% great British potatoes in their product and that British citizens should feel proud as ‘every crunch is the best of British!’. This will help walkers achieve their aim as it will make their nation proud and more likely to enjoy the product. The objective will also be met as more sales from the majority of the British public will result in more profit to re-invest in the company. Price The price is another valuable tool for promotion as it determines how much customers have to pay for the product. Walkers use the price as a promotional tool by printing it on the packaging, this shows the public that the RRP is what they are selling the product at and it withholds their corporate image of a fair value even if certain retailers decide to increase the price. This will help Walkers achieve both their aim and objective as it will be perceived as first class due to the price and value of the product and also will produce profits due to the mass purchase of the product
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