Strategic Growth and Logic in the Virgin Group

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Strategic Growth and Logic in the Virgin Group Every company seeks to expand its services to enhance its chances of growing and becoming a force to reckon with in their area of expertise. As they move from one level of development to the next, they look at every area, which will grant them a chance to move form one level to the next. The company will always look for avenues through which they can synergize their activities for the benefit of their current portfolio. They look for an opportunity where the value and performance of the companies combined can be greater than the separate outfits. This value addition drives the companies to achieve their goals eventually. Many have grown through such attributes, providing a chance to have their shares spread out in different markets and under different portfolios (Kelly, 2010, p. 291). The parental developer seeks to employ individual competencies as a parent to add value to its businesses. As a company, the benefits are supposed to trickle down to all business units as a way of making sure that the key value-creating activities are replicated elsewhere. As such, each of the unit must be fully furnished with the required resources to help develop their companies. This will imply the creation of synergy managers, portfolio managers and parental develops to help raise the level of growth within the company. The portfolio managers will help improve financial discipline, improve performance, keep costs on the down low, and provide few central services. Synergy managers will help pursue economies of scope, shared utilization of the resources available and the variation of local conditions to fit the organizational needs. Looking at the benefits of these parenting styles, the best group to observe the different styles of parenting is the Virgin Group. Virgin Group Started in 1970 as a mail-order

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