Know How to Monitor Customer Service Performance

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Explain how an organisation monitors customer service against the standards set (16 marks) Monitoring customer service against the agreed standards is important to ensure the customers’ needs are being met and problems arising are being dealt with so they do not arise again. Many organisations monitor customer service via feedback. This feedback can take the form of after sales or service questionnaires or can be more informal such a phone call after a customer has bought a product or used a service to check they are happy and there is nothing the organisation can do to help further. Calling customers or speaking with them in person can be a useful method for collecting qualitative data on how and organisation is seen by their customers. Organisations collect a wealth of data on their customers during there day to day interactions. Analysing this data can be used to monitor customer service for instance what is the level of repeat business. Do people use refer a friend offers. What percentage of people fill in after sales surveys? Do sales levels follow patterns and have promises on targets been met? Is there a customer loyalty card and what does this data tell you about customer habits? Monitoring phone calls, emails and letters is another way to monitor against customer service standards. As long as staff do not feel they are being watched and that monitoring is to ensure excellent service and organisation can analyse a selection of all correspondence with customers to ensure it meets the house style and goes above and beyond when dealing with problems or complains. It can also be used for staff development to show individuals what they did well and Working with your employees can also help monitor against customer service standards. Organisations can provide a system by where customers and internal customers such as other employees can report excellent
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