Bus 222 Assignment 3

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BUS222 ASSINGMENT # 3 NAME: PEDRO RETUERTO DATE: 26 MARCH 2014 CHAPTER 5, Enhancing Telephone Etiquette: Make a list of 5 ideas for increasing levels of telephone courtesy as an image and trust builder. The telephone is one of the tools used in our daily business life. Proper telephone etiquette is very important because you are representing the company you work for. The telephone is our link to communicate with the outside world and that is the reason why it is critical for every single person to understand how much professionalism matters on the phone. By using proper telephone etiquette it will aid you with leaving callers with a favorable impression of you, and the company in general. When answering the phone, you become the face of the company. How you handle the call from start to finish will leave a neutral, good or bad taste in the customer's mouth. If the call leaves a bad taste in the customer's mouth, you may lose his business. For this reason, it is best to make sure each call received is handled with excellence. I am going to share a few key ideas to remember when it comes to phone etiquette: 1. Answering the phone call: When answering the telephone at work, it is important to use a professional greeting. Don't act like customers have to call you. Thank them for calling. Instead of using a simple “Hello,” brand the call using the company's name. Branding the call serves two purposes. First, it lets the customer know he or she dialed the right number. Secondly, it prevents your company from appearing unprofessional. Include your name at the beginning of the call and ask the customer how you can assist them. Your first name is sufficient. Giving your name makes the call personable and friendly. An example of a professional greeting is, “Thank you for calling Chevron Company in Tustin. This is Alex. How may I assist you?”

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