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BSBCUS301b | | ALEXANDRA SHEEDY | | Project 1 – Write a short guide to customer service for the representative of the organisation * Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations You are working at a library and a customer walks into the building and up to the counter. You should greet them with a good morning/afternoon and identify if they require any assistance. The customer is trying to find a specific book. * Assess the urgency of the request While at the front desk, look up in the library records and find the location. If the book is not in this library, tell them which library they are going to be able to find it and offer to phone up and ask for the book to be put on hold. If the book was required urgently,…show more content…
You may require a little extra help an patience when serving them but like any other customer, they wish to purchase and item or service and it is your job to assist them. Sometimes it is not apparent that a customer has special or specific needs as they may not like to draw attention to themselves and their disability or in some cases they might not consider themselves to have any special needs. Therefore, when communicating with customers with special needs, take care to them as a person and not a condition. If the person is escorted by a carer, speak to the customer rather than the carer. Some of the customers with special needs you might provide services for are: older customers, customers in wheel chairs, customers with hearing impediments, customers with sight impairment, customers with an intellectual disability or speech difficulties. * Use opportunities to enhance the quality of service and products Successful organisations anticipate, understand and satisfy customer needs and interests over time. You can satisfy customer needs by: understanding customer objectives and the criteria in which they are making a purchasing decision, asking customers for their opinions of your service and products, making customers aware that their opinions are valued and used, probing for current or potential sources of discontent, constantly seeking to add value, or to enhance the products or services offered. * Monitor procedures…show more content…
Monitoring customer feedback is important because it will reveal what customer service techniques are working and what aren’t, what the quality of the products and services are and also any suggested ways of improvement. An example of how this could work is: e.g. Once you have loaned the books into their name, give them their receipt and items and ask if they have any questions about the library and they policies. Let them know that before they walk out the door, there is a small questionnaire about their service today and if they wouldn’t mind completing one and placing it in the box provided. Questionnaires are good ways of identifying where you are performing best and what needs

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