Unit 203: Work in a Business Environment. Business Admin Nvq L2

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Diversity means different individuals valuing each other regardless of intellect, talents, age or creed. Everyone in the workplace has to be treated equally because everyone has something to offer and a strong factor/skill that they can contribute to the company. They enrich a society because they allow people to experience different thinking processes, to see that there is more than one way of approaching issues or living one's life. Diversity brings other point of view and perspectives to different situations. Mixing with different people can help us to overcome fears and prejudices having people from diverse backgrounds in the work place will bring different talents, skills and knowledge. I have to be sensitive to peoples needs and respect their abilities, background, values customs and beliefs and by considering the opinions, circumstances and feelings of my colleagues and customers without judgement of race, religion, position, circumstances, status or appearance. By trying to always listen to people and be open to other points of view and by treating everyone in the same way and don’t laugh about other religions and customs. By being polite, tolerant and patient with others and don’t use language or behaviours that could be offensive and misinterpreted. I can then learn from other just by listening and asking for help when needed, or I can observe them if they are doing a task that requires expertise or great precision. I must also ask another colleague if I am unsure of anything as they can always help me or refer me to someone who can. It is important to maintain security and confidentiality at work because we have a legal obligation to maintain the personal information that is given to us from customer and we have an obligation to our employer and colleagues to maintain the highest standards of security awareness. If I am casual about security and
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