Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker Essay

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Section 1: Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker You should try to handle conflict situations by remaining calm, ending the conflict before it escalates and remaining respectful of others. However, there are times when this may seem impossible and the following skills are required: openly discuss differences in a calm and rational manner. For example, when having heated professional discussions with colleagues: – avoid rising to challenges or suggestions that you are incorrect – ask colleagues to listen to you and respect your opinions, but also respect their opinions – if you feel you cannot resolve a conflict situation with a colleague then speak to your line manager – respect the advice and guidance which qualified colleagues…show more content…
Reflective practice is a term used to describe a technique for analysing and addressing developmental needs which we may have. It is a process by which we look back on how we work or have worked, identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement. Reflective practice also enables us to identify strengths which we can maintain. Reflecting on our practice therefore helps us to improve and develop ourselves. Reflective practice can take place: verbally – discussing our progress and practice with managers, supervisors, tutors  or colleagues in  writing – such as writing an account or diary of daily activities, developments or incidents, and identifying ways in which we could use these experiences to improve. It is important to reflect upon our practice in order to continuously improve the quality of the service we provide to service users and others. This ensures that we adhere to set standards, agreed ways of working and provide quality service. This is because continuous reflective practice means that we have to address issues and new
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