Kids Are Playing Too Much Video Games

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All around the United States, millions of kids are wasting, ruining their lives, and they’re all doing the same thing. They’re all playing video games. I’ve spent my share of time playing video games and I learned a couple things that they do. One big thing is that at first they’re fun, but after consistently playing, they’re a ton more addicting then actually fun. Another thing I’ve realized is that video games just make you fat. I’m in real good shape, but I know a lot of people that just play all day and are overweight and/or obese due to it. The final reason kids shouldn’t play video games is because games most frequently played by kids are shooting/violent games that negatively influence kids. Child obesity is more and more popular each year and it’s not good. Instead of being active and playing sports, kids are inside eating fatty foods and playing video games. This is the first generation where the life expectancy has gone down in hundreds of years because of kids being overweight and obese. If kids aren’t getting exercise and are just sitting around playing video games it obviously isn’t good for their health. Ever since video games became popular in the 80’s overweight kids have became more and more popular and it’s got to stop. Once kids start playing more than around 1 hour of video games on a daily basis it starts to become second nature to play video games. Kids start to almost rely on it because whenever kids aren’t doing something they have to do they’re 75% of the time playing video games and that’s no good! When kids are to the point where they rely on or need video games it starts to become all they do and it takes over they’re social life. Kids shouldn’t even play enough where they get to the point where they play all the time, but once you’re addicted it’s hard to stop which is why kids shouldn’t start playing in the first place. If you play
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