Childhood Obesity Epidemic In America

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Childhood Obesity Majority of children in today’s society are decreasing the time spent in physical activities as they are spending more time playing video games and watching TV. Due to their sedentary behavior they are increasing the level of excessive body fat to their weight (Whitker, Robert). This issue of childhood obesity has become an epidemic in America. The Colorado University research shows that within last couple of decades the obesity level among children and adolescent has doubled (P. Kendall). The increase in excessive body fat leads to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and other serious health risks (Estarbrooks, Paul). It’s very likely that obese children have greater chance of becoming…show more content…
Some of the major factors that lead to obesity are genetics, environment and behavior (Estarbrooks, Paul). Our genes control majority of our weight related metabolic process, such as blood glucose metabolism, fat-storage, and hormones (P. Kendall). The studies show that children tend to have very similar weight problems as their biological parents and it’s mostly due to the inherited genes that control the metabolic process (Estarbrooks, Paul). Even though genes have larger effect on metabolism, they cannot be completely responsible for the dramatic increase in number of obese children in the United States. The most significant cause of childhood obesity is behavioral and environmental factors (Hubert, HB). According to American Obesity Association, average American child spends significant amount of their free time playing video games or watching TV. During this immobility very few calories are used and larger number of calories is stored in the form of fat. It’s very clear that children who are not participating in outdoor physical activities are in higher risk of being…show more content…
The first level of treatment is the guidance to control the patient’s diet plan and encourage them to eat healthy food (P. Kendall). Encouraging the patients to join the outdoor activities, and it’s very important to burn as many unused calories that can transform into excess fat. Advising patients to intake proper nutrient and guidance to physical activities and these are some of the beginning treatments that are used. The advance medical procedures include prescription drug and surgery (P.

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