Judith Ortiz's Essay On Stereotypes

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Analyzing stereotypes Stereotypes are beliefs about human collectives that are created and shared among groups and between groups of a culture. The stereotype can be regarded as a lower form of thought, this is wrong for not coincide with reality, by obeying a motivation for being defensive or rigid. The ethnic stereotype is a generalization about specific characteristics of an ethnic group that can be regarded as justify by an objective observer. Among the traits that characterize the stereotypes are those that define the group and set it apart from other groups. The stereotype is related to two concepts in the treat of human groups, while the stereotype would be the set of beliefs about attributes assigned to a group, a cognitive…show more content…
My first public poetry reading took place in Miami, at a restaurant where a luncheon was being held before the event. I was nervous and excited as I walked in with notebook in hand. An older women motioned me to her table, and thinking (foolish me) that she wanted me to autograph a copy of my newly published slender volume of verse, I went over. She ordered a cup of coffee from me, assuming that I was the waitress.” (Judith Ortiz, WAA 376-80) In Judith Ortiz essay she demonstrates that stereotyping is also a cognitive function, it plays a defensive role; it is the projection of certain values, status and rights of a group maintaining their dominant position over others. In this case the women assumption that Judith was the waitress and not the one doing the speech; the women thought that Judith was the waitress because of a stereotype of Latinos having no education. The individual, when confronted with evidence that contradicts certain stereotypes, the reaction will depend on the rigidity of his/her beliefs or their interest in the subject of contradiction. If he/she is rigid in his/her beliefs or his interest in maintaining the status quo is high, there will be no change; the contradiction will be the exception that proves the
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