Judgement on Fandoms Essay

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Judgement and Fandoms Judgement is everywhere, from your impression of someone you’ve just met to what someone you’ve never met thinks of you. It could be a sideways glance in the hall, otherwise known as a ‘dirty look’. We all live, breathe and meet other people so inevitably we judge others. And the way we judge people affects the way we treat them and the way we treat them has some sort of effect on their life. What I’m here to talk about has everything to do with judgement. I want to enlighten you about fandoms. A fandom is best described as a group of people with a common interest. These interests could range anywhere from a TV show like criminal minds or the walking dead, to a celebrity or a book series or even just apple lovers. A fandom is a community of people. It’s forums on the internet; it’s an excited conversation with your friends about a celebrity. Fandom is everywhere. What I need everyone here to realize today is that the way today’s society sees some fandoms is completely misguided and must be changed. You might be asking why, why is this important, and it’s because our judgement is affecting these people negatively. And causing someone to be unhappy by the way you treat them and talk about them is something that can and should be eliminated. Take hockey lovers. They go to hockey games, talk about hockey with their friends, watch hockey on TV, play hockey – basically live and breathe hockey. That’s not strange to us. I mean, if you like hockey it’s normal to express it. But what about another type of fandom? What about the Star Wars fandom? They go to Star Wars conventions, talk about Star Wars with their friends, watch Star Wars on TV, play Star Wars related games – basically live and breathe Star Wars. So why is it that we see being a fan of Star Wars so strange while being a hockey fan is completely normal? For some reason society has

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