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Define the concept of popular culture. Illustrate your answer with examples (8 marks) There are many types of culture, one type is popular culture. This is cultural practice of which there is access to the masses and hence mass participation. Examples of popular culture include Hollywood movies, football and soap operas; it is the culture of the masses. Strinati (1995) stated that the media are accountable for creating popular culture in the contemporary UK. He also stated that consumption of material goods is a key aspect of popular culture as the world has become obsessed with consumer goods. Outline and explain two ways in which contemporary UK is culturally diverse (16 marks) Cultural diversity can be defined as the culturally embedded differences within a society. Although cultural diversity may occur, the norms of the whole society are still followed. A society can be culturally diverse in many ways. An example of cultural diversity would be China town in London. This displays cultural diversity as although it a different culture to the majority, China town abides to the norms (common forms of behaviour which have been established over time and to which the majority follow as norms guide our behaviour) of the whole society whilst having a different way of life. Another example of cultural diversity is Green Street in London. This also demonstrates cultural diversity as it is one of the most popular Asian shopping destination and once again, while being different to the majority culture, Green Street still complies with the norms of the whole society. Parekh(2006) outlines three types of diversity. He states that type one is when members of society have a distinct way of life while still broadly serving the dominant culture within the society. An example of this would be seen within the gay and lesbian culture as they have distinct beliefs

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