Why Watching Tv Shows on the Internet Could Put an End to Television

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I thought about this while I was home sick from school. It was that time during the day when there was nothing good on TV. So I started to ask myself questions, "Why do I have to choose from the shows that the TV networks want me to watch? A lot of my most favorite shows I like are either off the air, or they're on while I'm at school. Sometimes they're on channels that I just can't afford. I decided to just shut off the TV, and I turned on over to my computer. At that moment I realized that I wasted so much of my time complaining about Television, I didn't realize the internet can offer any TV show whether it's on the air, or off the air. The first service I turned to was Netflix. I usually just use Netflix to watch movies. In fact I had no idea they offered television shows. I had no idea I could be watching some of my favorite shows such as "That '70s Show" and "How I Met Your Mother" in full on Netflix. That's exactly what I did. In four months I had completely watched the entire That '70s show and am now caught up with How I met Your Mother. The downside to Netflix is that it costs eight bucks a month. In this recession, this can be a hassle for some people. Don't worry, there are other options that are almost just as good. The next site I looked at was Tv-Links . A free movie and TV database where you can search for all of your favorite TV shows, then you select the season, and then an episode. They'll provide you with links to websites where you can stream that episode for free. The downside to this option is that many of the websites you're directed to have pop-ups, and ads you have to watch prior to being able to watch your show. But the upside is you can choose which websites you want to go to, and run a virus scan beforehand just to make sure it's safe. If there are pop-ups, you can just close them out and watch your show, no harm done. There are

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