Nterrelationship Between Culture and Visual Media Entertainment.

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I will be discussing in this paper the interrelationship between culture and visual media entertainment. There have been many television shows and movies that have displayed the culture of times in them. Many people have been influenced by these movies and television shows because some individuals can really relate to the lifestyles or actions of the people. Especially with videos out there for learning things, I think seeing the how to videos really helps people rather than reading materials. It gives more of a hand on experience. I think that these different forms of visual entertainment media have shaped American culture and its values by influencing people to act differently because of what they see on television or in movies. I believe that celebrities can have a large impact on how people say and do things. For example, Teen mom was supposed to show that getting pregnant at a young age can put huge stress on your life and to help prevent. The show took the opposite an effect and babies bloomed left and right. Many people I went to high school have children; some wanted to get on the show for money. I believe that the social influences of the visual entertainment media can be positive but it depends on how the person views or reacts to movies and television shows. Honestly, I truly think some people can learn a lot from visual media because if they just moved to America or whatever, they can watch movies and television to get an idea of how things are or even learn the English language. That is just one example, there are plenty more. In conclusion, visual media does influence social behavior and attitudes because a lot of people like to follow what the celebrities are doing or what they see in video games. It's not always positive with the video games, but I think it is mostly positive. Many people see things in the television shows and in movies that

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