Joseph Stalin & Mao Zedong

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Delvin Bonilla Ms. Flanagan Global History 2 March 13, 2012 Mao Zedong Vs Joseph Stalin History has shown that strong individuals and revolutionary ideas can have a major impact on a country. Leaders are often driven by what they want as a desire to create a more perfect country. Frequently their egos and methods blind them from the realization of the ideals they set out to achieve. Every country has encountered a noteworthy leader at one point or another. Some countries realize this, and take advantage of the fact, while others let him or her slip away. A great leader has an impact on a country, an impact that lasts, one that can be looked upon as an example for future generations. Mao Zedong, of China, and Joseph Stalin, of the Soviet Union were great leaders of their time. Mao and Stalin had similar objectives and influences on their country. Both Mao and Stalin had similar ideas to reach their goals. Both leaders believed that Communism was the best system for their countries. Mao believed that some ideas may work better in one country, and not at all in another. Mao had many different plans to help China recover. One of the most widely know plans was the “Great Leap Forward.” Mao encouraged people to work longer hours and even do work at home. This new plan called for the formation of large units called communes which used agriculture and industry and were supposed to be self sufficient. Both Stalin and Mao had the objective to create a communist society for the good of the people These goals were corrupted by using total control, or a Totalitarian government as a means to achieve Communism. Stalin also created plans and campaigns to achieve Communism. Stalin believed that a person’s individuality should be abolished. Similar to the way Mao grouped workers together in communes during the “Great Leap Forward,” Stalin also implemented many five year
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