Comparing Essay (Mao and Gandhi )

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Essay comparing essay (Mao and Gandhi) Both Mao and Gandhi were the key leaders in each of their countries, China and India. The means they adopted in order to alter each of their government’s regimes, which are rotten to the core, was totally different, even though they desired to occur quite similar things. The attempts they tried to carry out were various, such as economical, social and political reason. As following evidence shows. Firstly, in order to acquire the power economically, Gandhi utilized a spinning wheel and the traditional clothes of India to address their citizens not to purchase western clothes, which greatly contributes to Britain economy. In contrast with that, Mao did not fight against the government. He just simply reaped a lot of advocate by giving the lands to peasants, whose lands were taken away by the land owners, therefore they sank into poverty. Secondly, in order to make each of their countries better socially, Mao and Gandhi did the same sort of things. Gandhi was desperate to get rid of caste system, whereas Mao wanted to discard the Confucianism system. Thus both wanted to get rid of two similar systems in each of their countries. However, Mao wanted to devastate KMT and Gandhi on the other hand wanted Muslims to get along with Indians. Thirdly, to gain the power politically, Gandhi has held a conference several times such as the event, burning reference books in front of citizens. Regarding mao, He actually gained support by the things he did such as, giving his people better education and giving women more rights. Thus, Both Mao and Gandhi made their countries what they are today socially, economically, and politically. Although the things they wanted to do were alike, the way they actually did was dissimilar. Gandhi was a peaceful leader, no matter what happens, whereas Mao was a violent leader. China and
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