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Singles Club A relationship status can define a person whether it be love or lust. Various cultures throughout the world express relationships as a sign of adulthood, for example, Indians commonly hand pick whom their sons will marry. Many females often grow up dreaming of their wedding day all their lives while others focus on careers, education, or traveling. Everyone views relationships differently therefore they aren’t intended for everyone. Some individuals enjoy having their own space and no one to answer to, thus making a relationship seem irrelevant. The single lifestyle is unique and welcomes all ages and isn’t prejudice against race, gender, class, or religion. Being single gives the individual a perception of ‘freedom’ and the capability to regulate their schedule as they see fit. A common observation of someone who is single entertains fewer relationship responsibilities, aggravations and or stress-related issues than a person in a committed relationship. The single option gives the opportunity to focus on possibly a career and or pressing wants and needs. A relationship can feasibly pause one’s decision regarding a career, education, and other outside pressures. The singles community enjoys many social freedoms and committing to another person is habitually perceived as surrendering…show more content…
An important aspect of being single is being “free” to do what they what, when they want. People can spend their money without consulting a partner or thinking about the financial needs of children and many people prefer to be single by choice because of this reason. Liberal thinking tends to accept having a partner does not constitute that we have to partake in marriage, but instead collect multiple partners and select who is the right one for them. Some people have marriage in the back of their minds, but if they enjoy being single, marriage will not be a part of their immediate future

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