Life vs. Single Marriage

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Single Life vs. Marriage In contrasting single life and married life, I've realized a person’s choice to be single has nothing to do with them finding the perfect person. It has more to do with their own selfish ways and having fear of the unknown. Married people are able to find true love not by finding the perfect person, but by taking risks and learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. Married people don’t mind sharing a committed monogamous relationship with their partner. They enjoy the companionship of their lover and being able to walk hand in hand in public as a display of affection for one another. In choosing a civil union, married people are able to adapt to their spouses standards and selflessly fulfill each other’s expectations in their relationships. In making a decision, a husband is sure to think of how it will affect his wife and vice versa. A wife won’t stay out partying with her friends and stumble home drunk passed midnight barely able to stand. Her husband won’t withdraw out of their joint savings account to purchase a huge motor boat without first confirming it is okay with his wife. In a marriage, both parties are responsive to the feelings of one another and live for the long run, not just for the moment or convenience. Married people are optimistic in planning for their future. They are not afraid to take chances in love for another person. Married people carry a selfless mindset when it comes to their own interest. When out shopping at the mall, if a married person were to buy an item for themselves, they wouldn’t feel right inside if they didn’t buy their spouse something as well. In the event of disagreement, married people have vowed for better or for worse. They don’t just get up and walk away from the relationship. They stick it out through their hard times instead of giving up. Single people wouldn’t hesitate or think twice
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