A Marvelous Journey

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Journey from Ordinary to Marvelous There are humans in this world who want to become marvelous by achieving different things in their life. It is not bad to be an achiever but as you are achieving different things you have to be careful about your ordinary life. To illustrate on this, Lauren Slater in her essay, “Dr. Daedalus” suggests that people want to achieve a lot of things but they forget that while they have achieved certain things they misuse their powerful and ultimately cross their limits. On the other hand de Botton in his article, “On Habit” says how living an ordinary life rather than a marvelous one is also interesting. It is not that we always have to travel marvelous (Famous) places which we even don’t know about because we can also travel in our own neighborhood an ordinary place and still have fun observing things which we never had looked before with an interest. The traveling mindset that we have does not depend on the places that we go but how we approach those places. Later on, it shows that Slater focuses on to achieve marvelous things but at the same time not forget your essential humanity and still think that we are ordinary people and not cross limits. On the other hand Alain de Botton says, it is not necessary to become marvelous and travel to marvelous places instead you can be a ordinary person and enjoy the ordinary things around you with the same interest. Marvelous and ordinary are interrelated to each other because people want to change their ordinary life and want to go for marvelous one. But when we achieve something marvelous we should not think that we are superior to other because we still are ordinary humans. If we forget our humanness than the will result would not be in the favor of us but it will be the opposite. There are humans in this world who want to change from an ordinary life to a marvelous one and for
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