Essay On Individuality And Nationality

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Individuality and nationality are two completely different things. Nationality is what one identifies oneself with, whether it be of a society or a culture; whereas, individuality is choosing not to identify with either or. Nationality requires a person to have a deep sense of pride in their country or society, and it creates a deep bond between the citizens and those around them, making it much more important. Most individualists lean toward dissent and lose that connection that forms between others through similarities. Nationality builds unity and gives people a place to belong to. Nationality creates a society. It brings people together and establishes a similar culture to be shared among them. It gives one a family who is connected by…show more content…
By being a part of a society or culture that one feels safe in or belongs in, it makes one feel connected mentally and physically. Nationality Individuality calls for separation from others. Some refuse to associate with others and only want to think for themselves. A person choosing to dissent from a culture or society and seek individualism, lose a sense of belonging and connection and the satisfaction of serving a cause above them. Individualism is not all bad. Having a deep sense of pride in oneself and seeking to distance oneself from a controlling society or culture is understandable; however, there is the option of seeking out another community that would be very accepting of others who want to find connections and a safe “family.” Individuality separates and nationality combines. Nationality seeks to create a community and a family for one who needs that sort of backbone in their life. Individuals don’t necessarily have to seek dissent so that they could be rid of the controlling minds of society; moreover, they can seek to find refuge in another community that would provide the deep connection that most humans need. Community can be helpful since most people need others in order to succeed or get to a certain point in
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