Cohabitation Before Marriage

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Cohabitation before Marriage Marriage is a commitment between two people who plans to share their lives together with one another. Living together before marriage does not have the same advantages of being married. There are many reasons why individuals should not live together before marriage. Couples living together do not have the same legal and medical rights as married couples and there are sociological reasons that could affect each individual. Marriage is all about happiness and learning to love and care for each other. It is something you work hard for each and every day. “Over the past decades our society traditional beliefs and assumptions concerning the institution of marriage have come under attack” (“The Marriage Advantage”, 2002). Many people believed that marriage is just something written on a piece of paper. Marriage is just an outdated institution that no longer regulates relationships. The reasons many marry now are only good reasons to say that two people joined together are now marriage. Most people marry to show off and are not really in love and dedicated in a relationship. In a marriage couples can share a life time of pleasure and fun with one another. Couples can share a life of dreams, excitement and happiness. Many believe that marriage put women in higher risk factors for abuse and violence. Marriage has become only a statement now because of the widespread social change. Many have stated that being marriage is not important any longer and choose to live together instead. But this is not the same as sharing an intimate and fulfilling life. In a marriage couples can experience a much greater relationship and can commit to it much easier. Marriage is a commitment you can look for year after year and get the full enjoyment of only sharing each other. In a marriage couples will find peace in knowing how much pleasure each
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