'Jaws': A Short Analysis Of Negotiation

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Negotiating styles Negotiating is something we do, consciously or unconsciously, every day. In our personal lives, we negotiate with our friends and spouses about where we will go for dinner, or which movie we will see. At home, we negotiate with family members about how we will spend our summer vacation. With our younger children, we invariably negotiate about which television programs they can watch and when they will go to bed. As our children get older, we will negotiate about their curfews and driving privileges. On our often perilous drives to the office, we frequently negotiate with other motorists about entering and exiting the highway, and about who will proceed first at an intersection. At work, an employee may ask you for a raise or you may ask your supervisor for a raise. Clearly, negotiating affects every aspect of our lives. How do you negotiate? Do you enjoy the "give and take" of the negotiating process? Do you welcome the chance to negotiate about everything? Is buying a new car an exhilarating experience, or do you cringe at the prospect of going to the automobile dealership? As the car salesperson approaches, do you hear the ominous sounds of the theme music from the movie "Jaws"? Is…show more content…
This personality is assertive and uncooperative. Competitors pursue their own concerns at the other person's expense. They use whatever powers seem appropriate to win their position-including their ability to argue or their rank. For competitors, "the ends justify the means’. Both the competitors is being so adamant in their own decision that is to own their father’s property. Mr John states that he needs to own the will since he was with his father until his last breathe. Whereas on the other hand Ms Jenny states that even though Mr John was with the father he is still an adopted child. So both of them has their own point of views to win this

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