Psy 490 Week 3 Assignment

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* Think about a group you belong and identify to. What does this group mean to you? What examples demonstrate your level of identification? Hello Professor and Class, In response to thinking about a group that I belong to and that I can identify to, I only can think about my church group and a group within my church which is called the usher group that sits people when they arrive at church and we go to assist the Pastor on different invites to other churches. These groups I can identify to because it reminds me of where I came from, and how I grow up in the South. These groups mean a lot to me because as a child, my grandmother always made me go to church, and she would be a usher in church. If I didn’t go to church then I wasn’t able to go anywhere. So it’s like I had to go. Then I became accustom to going to church, and even in the summer time the church had summer programs that I attended all summer and they would feed us lunch and we would play games all day and this was like very special for me. When I grew up and got married, and had my own children, I found myself doing the same routines with them. Now that I live in New York, I searched for (2) two years to find a church group that reminded me of home. Once I did, I became a part and joined the church group, and to me it means a family away from family, and it makes me feel complete and safe that I have the group of people that relates to me on the level that I was accustom to when I was growing up. I can identify with the older people sitting on one side of the church and the younger generation sitting on the other side, I can identify with when someone needs a help and hand, the church group is there to fill in like a family for them. The most identification with this church group is that it has the southern hospitality that I can identify from where I came from. According to Myers, (2010), there are
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