Is Obesity In America Caused By Food Industry?

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Is obesity today in America Caused by the Food Industry? Name and Age: Amanda Keller 17 years old Grade and School: High School Senior at Itineris Early College High School The essay Is the Food Industry the Problem or the Solution? by Dale Buss is about obesity in America today and whether the food industry is responsible for the high increase in obese Americans. If you ask this simple question, it is easy blame obesity on what we eat, but when you look deeper into the problem you will find that the food industry is spending millions searching for consumer’s solutions to prevent childhood obesity, but we are finding that the problem is ultimately caused by what we as parents or children decide to consume or choices of activity. A cause…show more content…
It’s known as diet and exercise; you hear it all the time when talking about weight loss. It is really simple to blame the food industry on why so many more people are obese today, but what you eat is your decision and healthy food is available to everyone who is interested in eating healthy. Sometimes people have a hard time fitting a workout into their busy schedule. You can procrastinate a simple workout all you want, but it doesn’t take a lot to take the stairs instead of the elevator, take a fifteen minute walk every night, or to play an active game with your family. Instead of video games, encourage your children to play outside when it is warm and get them to have an active lifestyle. If you can afford it, get gym memberships, or enroll your children into a recreational sport that they enjoy. More and more large corporations also have gyms available to employees over the age of eighteen as a benefit to have healthier, happier employees. Eating healthy isn’t complicated. There are a variety of healthy foods anywhere you go, including fast food restaurants. Most homeowners own at least one cookbook, and there are cook books available that are devoted to healthy eating so you can learn to make delicious and nutritious meals for your whole family to enjoy. Dieting is becoming more of a popular fashion than ever before. It is getting much easier to go to the grocery store and find reduced sugar or even sugar free products that you have always enjoyed that used to be very unhealthy. If you learn to eat healthier and fit a small workout into your busy life at least a few times a week, you will most likely be able to avoid obesity. Once again, a concept that cannot be said enough; diet and exercise work hand in hand and can’t help you lose weight without one another. It is naive to say that the
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