The Importance Of Childhood Obesity In America

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Childhood Obesity in America Childhood Obesity in America over the past thirty years has made parents more aware of the importance of childhood nutrition, health, and exercise. Since the 1960’s and 70’s, there was a rapid growth rate in obesity among children and teens in America, and children are more at risk to health factors as they get older. There have been reports that stated one third of the countries children are either overweight or obese. America has put forth numerous nutritional options to help the country fight the battle against obesity. Studies show that most problems start at home with unhealthy eating, not enough exercise, or a family history of obesity. Parents are urged to develop newer habits of eating and activities…show more content…
When it comes to the family eating healthy meals, most parents are caught up between time and a budget. Most things on the market today that are readily done and convenient, are usually the worst foods for people to eat. Most parents today that work a full time job, find it nearly impossible go home and prepare a well balanced nutritional meal for them and their children. Most of the time, parents find their selves buying the more affordable not so nutritional foods. According to the AAFP, ‘a small percentage of childhood obesity is associated with genetics’ (1999). Genetically, disease and habits can be passed down. Determining if a child has genetic disease or habits, an evaluation of the family would have to be done. Experts recommends ‘addressing the issue of weight with all children at least once a year and family physicians are urged to examine dietary habits, physical habits, and obesity related illnesses’ AAFP (2008). Most people believe that by targeting parents rather than children, parents can be the ultimate answer or cure to childhood…show more content…
When trying to keep a child at a healthy weight, there are multiple things parents or guardians can do to help their child stay healthy. Most of what a child eats depends on what the parent or guardian bring home from the grocery store. Foods that are low in fat and high in fiber are the more preferred foods. Most foods today are having certain vitamins the body needs added to our normal foods that usually don’t have those vitamins. Fiber is a grain being added to our daily foods, because most people don’t get enough fiber in their

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