Intimate Relationships Essay

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The thought of marriage, represents two people, truly in love, who have committed to share their lives together. However there are motivations other than love that leads us to marriage. The purpose of this essay is to attain a better understanding of the Erik Erikson psychosocial theory of development and John Bowlby's attachment theory in application to my present life. This essay explores the bond my husband and I share and how being a securely attached couple contributes to our current marital happiness, focusing on four important abilities essential for intimacy; having the ability to seek out care, be able to give care, have the capability of feeling comfortable with an independent self and having the capacity to negotiate.(Busch & Hofer, 2012). The quality of our adult relationships are shaped by the feelings and mind-set in childhood (Sigelman & Rider, 2009). I am in the sixth stage of Erikson's theory Intimacy vs. Isolation. Attaining insight into the influence of my early childhood focusing on Erik Erikson's stages of Trust vs. Mistrust, Identity vs. role confusion and Intimacy vs. Isolation will shed light on the how and why of the characteristics and behaviours of my current relationship. Erik Erikson (June 1902-May 1994) was an American developmental psychologist born in Germany. Erikson had the belief that during the life of all human beings, they will undergo eight major psychosocial stages. Even if the conflict of a certain stage is or is not effectively resolved, the person is influenced by both genetic motivation and the strains of society in subsequent stages. Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development reflects upon how the development of personality from childhood to adulthood is influenced by outside factors, parents and society (Boden, 2010 ). The following are the eight interconnected stages Erikson believed all humans must undergo over

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