Person-Centered Values in Social Care

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HC 207 Person-centered values in adult care 1. What is person-centred values? Person-centred values are about asking people what they want and providing practical ways for them to have choice and control in their lives, and having positive approach. We should have a positive focus on what the person can do, not what they can’t. It is also important to actively acknowledge the person’s strengths, passions and aspirations, and actively involve the family and friends, if the person wishes. Person-centred values includes: individuality; rights; choice; privacy; independence; dignity; respect; partnership; autocracy 2. Why is it important for social workers to work in a way that promotes person centred values? It is important to acknowledge the needs and wishes of your service users, and ensure that these underpin the planning and delivery of care. Promoting continuity of care that values the service users unique past, present and future individuality and recognizing and respecting the person’s role and contribution to family and wider society. By doing this you are respecting the individual, and what they have to offer to others, and making the individual still feel ‘needed’ and ‘useful’. 3. What is “consent” in adult social care? Consent means informed agreement to an action or decision; the process of establishing consent will vary according to an individual’s assessed capacity to consent. The issue of consent is very complicated and needs to be considered very carefully. Some factors to consider are their mental conditions or mental capacity; physical condition like communication abilities; availability or lack of options; awareness of choices; age; participation and engagement. 4. Explain why social care workers must gain the consent of the individual when they are providing care or support? Every individual have their rights to make choices and

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