Interprofessional Collaboration Essay

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A Reflection on Interprofessional Education for Pre-Registration Health and Social Care Students The aim of this assignment is to explore and evaluate the necessity of interprofessional education (IPE) in relation to interprofessional collaboration (IPC) within health and social care provision. Having recently participated in a IPE module as part of my foundation degree program, I will use personal reflection in order demonstrate what I have learnt from the module and how significant I feel it is to the successful delivery of my course. I will begin by identifying the context and purpose of interprofessional collaboration using relevant, up to date literature to support my findings. I will examine the origins of IPE and analyse its effectiveness within health and social care education before going on to reflect on my personal experience of IPE. My reflection will include key themes such as effective team working and stereotyping followed by a summary of the main topics covered within the essay. Interprofessional collaboration is described by Pollard et al. (2005) and Way et al. (2002) as the process of communication and decision making that enables members of different professions and/or agencies to share knowledge and skills in order to provide integrated health and/or social care for the benefit of patients and the wider community. This is reinforced by the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2010) and
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