Health Organization Case Study

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United health Care Case Study United health care prevents patients by using advanced and analytical techniques. The company offers consumer oriented benefits that effectively measures and improves customer satisfaction. It also improves the level of performance. (, 2013) It is the most leading US health care that offers variety of health care plans to the patients in not less than 70 countries worldwide. It also shows the important bases of the customers for continuous service improvement and dedicated customer efforts. It is recognized with the sufficient in-house experts to meet the market abilities and its requirements. It helps to provide high quality integration, large size of sample group; it has the ability to integrate successfully with the customers. The company also achieves important objectives with proper integration and methods such as:- * It improves the customer satisfaction through their feedback by providing better outputs. * It helps to achieve high level of performance and better quality standards. * It also achieves real time access to rate the clients. The United health care designs a program that evaluates the quality and cost effective performance system. Performance results to increase transparency and decision making. It helps to meet both quality and cost effective measures by patients. (Leatherman, 2013) United health care effectively communicates the performance results and feedback to the customers that provides the detailed process of decision making abilities. United Health care provides the important guidelines of preventing health issues at an initial stage which is important in healthy life style. It helps to make the patients healthy. United health group is committed to offer a wide range of health insurance plans and other benefits. The doctors and hospitals in its network are important to measure in the Unite
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