Interprofessional Reflective Essay

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14003797 Inter-professional Education – Reflective Essay Introduction The aim of this reflective account is to critically examine my experience and performance as a team member during Level 1 Foundation Skills For Health Professionals - Interprofessional Education module. The reflective process should enable me to enhance efficiency in future practice and broaden my understanding of my own limitations, acquire critical appraisal skills in relation to my own performance and identify abilities and assets that were helpful in completing group assignment. Furthermore, knowledge, learning and self-awareness are the assets, frequently recognised as more valuable for an organization than tools and supplies (Huczynski and Buchanan 2007, pp. 105-106). There is evidence that utilising theoretical models is useful, because it provides structure to reflective practice and simplifies the complex task of reflecting on one's own performance (Turpin and Iwama 2007, p.68). Therefore, for the purpose of this particular assignment Gibbs’ Model of Reflection (Gibbs 1988) appears to be most suitable as it divides the complex reflective process into a number of specific components. Description In order to fulfill the requirements of the module I had to gain some theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the aims and purposes of inter-professional 14003797 education. I also had the opportunity to participate in a few group tasks before starting our specific group assignment of producing a poster which would promote the general theme of teamwork in a health care setting. These group tasks performed during seminars were designed as a fun way of enabling the students to get to now their group members better, gain the insight in our strengths, weaknesses, assets and points of potential development. Moreover, we were involved in the Belbin Team Inventory assessment and obtained
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