International Student Life

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Traveling around the world is very exciting and is a great learning experience for most people. However, living in a new country as an international student is a lot different than just traveling to that country. You have left behind friends and family and must start over completely new. The biggest things that international students face are leaving behind people back home, getting used to a new culture, and dealing with the financial issues that come along with moving to a new country. To leave your country and go to another one is a big step to take. You are leaving behind family and friends that you have known for your whole life. There could be old people who die or new children born that you never get to see while you are gone. Your whole life you are used to having your friends that you are comfortable with and who understand you, but when you study in a new place, you do not have those friends to support you and you have to start over meeting new people. These problems can make it hard for international students to focus on their school when they are missing their friends and family. For students at the college, most can go home on the weekend or fly home for every break when they are home sick, but for international students, if they miss home or if there is a family emergency, most cannot just leave and fly home, or if they do it takes a long time to get there. This also leads into the next big problem that most international students face when going to college, which is financial problems. When you are back home and need help with money, you can easily contact your parents or family for help, but when you are an international student, it is much more difficult to quickly get money if you need it. Also, living in another country is expensive because you have to start over with everything like buying new furniture, maybe a car, clothes, and other things
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