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We live in a country whose foundation was built by immigrants. My grandparents, from both sides, immigrated to the United States because their parents wanted a better life for their children. Being an immigrant in those days was not easy. Many obstacles had to be overcome. Not only did everyone need to learn a new language, work had to be found in a country where the customs were different from what they were used to. Even though this country was built by immigrants, times have changed and a limit now needs to be imposed on how many new immigrants are allowed into the United States. People from many different cultures immigrated to this country. The reasons are many. Some felt there would be a better life. Some fled persecution in their homeland. Others were brought to this country by force. For whatever the reason, immigrating was a choice…show more content…
Living under horrible conditions, being forced to work and receive little or no compensation was a normal occurrence. No matter what the reason, immigration was and always will be, a major part of this countries’ past, present, and future. For many when entering the United States, the first place they found themselves was Ellis Island. Ellis Island was the end of a journey and the beginning of a new life. For many years, it served as the starting point of a new life for many immigrants. The island was in operation for the sole purpose of processing people wanting to immigrate to the United States (Powell, 2005). Prior to Ellis Island opening, processing of immigrants was done at Castle Garden (Powell, 2005), which is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. When the number of immigrants increased, it was determined that a larger area was needed for processing. Ellis Island was determined be large enough to facilitate the huge influx of

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