Interdisciplinary Teamwork Essay

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A: Promoting Interdisciplinary Care In working as an interdisciplinary team, communication between the team members is essential. As a nursing supervisor, I could set up the routine meeting and choose a leader for each case. A routine meeting would deliver the message to all team members at the same time, so that it saves time and reduces misunderstandings. I would let the team members freely share patients information and their suggestions. I would assist them to set up integrated goal and get their own tasks. I could either get a briefing from the leader of the case routinely or join the meeting occasionally. In the meeting, I could make sure communication works between the members effectively and see if there are any conflicts in roles, goals, or any ethical issues. B: Delegation and Teamwork First of all, I would make the time with only the FNP, family nurse practitioner, to discuss the patient's case. Even though the FNP did not have satisfactory outcomes with the patient care so far, the FNP did not perform any negligence or malpractice. It was merely because the patient did not compliant for the regimen. Therefore, I would not criticize or scold her because criticizing could make Mr. W think that she was incompetent rather than she still has has a chance to make it better. I would point out what the FNP has done so far for the patient, for example, giving her a written instructions and her personal phone number, to encourage her. Then, I would ask the FNP what her plan is for the patient care and what are the difficulties to conduct the plan. I would advise her that she could work as a team with other staff instead of working by herself and look for some resource so that she could share the task other professionals and get better outcome. B1. Responsibility As a team leader of the patient care, the FNP has to make a care plan and goals and deliver

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