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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Reflection

  • Submitted by: ShantiBhatta
  • on March 23, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Reflection
Shanti Bhatta
December 10, 2012
Frances Johnson

Nobody is perfect in communication skills. It is important to improve communication skills in every section (ex. verbal and non-verbal). We have to be conscious on how we are communicating. Effective communication is important to get information from patient or staffs.   Actually experience, skill, condition of the patient, health care environment, and the system of communication plays an important role for the treatment of the patient.
Communication skills are crucial in the health care setting. Usually right after we visit the patient for the first time, we can figure out his or her mood and general health condition. According to that we can investigate the problem and take action to resolve it. When we become closer to the patient, we can get more information about them, and they will trust us more. Then it will be easier for nurses to provide better care. From my experiences, I can say we have to respond as quickly as we can to solve the problem, otherwise it becomes worse and harder to deal with. We have to prioritize the treatment for the patient according to his or her condition. When we work under the hospital’s policies and protocols, it helps health care personnel to stay within their professional boundary and prevent from potential risks. During patient care; after we obtain information about critical situations, which we have to respond to it very quickly, and cautiously. Every second is important for the best outcome of the patient during critical situations. Sometimes, it is very difficult to deal with some situations, but we can always get help, support, and guidance from our coworkers and superior health people.
Every piece of information such as lab results, history of the patient, medicines, radiology reports, observatory patient reports, etc. are important for us to provide the best treatment to the patient. We have to be flexible in...

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