Nvt2 Task 2

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NVT2 Task 3 A. Steps in interdisciplinary care: 1. I would begin by holding a multidisciplinary case conference with members from different support groups. I would communicate with the social worker to assess the patient needs and to better understand the programs available to assist her as an outpatient. I would then meet with the patient to discuss the clinics concerns and ask her if she has any questions regarding her care. Also, I would make an appointment with the patient and her boyfriend to find out their plans for the pregnancy and the care of the baby after delivery. During this meeting I would also ask them about their sources of support, both financial and personal, and emphasize the need for success outcome. After communicating with others within the clinic team, I would come up with a collaborative plan and help the couple by setting them up with community resources. 2. The social worker who is also a bilingual translator would be used to clarify the information discussed during the conference and doctor visits. Ms. W. would be able to communicate her instructions to the patient and get immediate feedback on how the patient feels regarding the instruction provided during the appointment. She would explain to the patient the importance of communicating her concerns to healthcare team, rather than ignoring them. 3. The community health nurse would help set up medical resources that would monitor the patient compliance of treatment during pregnancy. Community health nurse would also follow mom and baby after discharge from the hospital to address any concerns. They would monitor the baby care and if needed would step in to make referral to other services. 4. The home health nurse can assist with the patient’s medication compliance and treatment. She can also evaluate the home living situation to make sure the environment is safe before
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