Integrated Care Is Essential for Health

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Integrated Care is Essential for Health Now the health-care system is moving to a new era by integrating physical health care and mental health care. Studies proved that many of the common reasons for diseases and death are connected to behavior and environment. Avoiding the physical care in time is also a part of behavior. So, a culturally sensitive integrated treatment system is need in health care system. The interventions in behavior will make a great impact in many of the chronic diseases like asthma, and diabetes. Also, by integrating mental health and physical health, the cost of treatment can be reduced up to 50%. MCAT recognized the importance of behavior in health care and from 2015, the test includes a section on psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior. Studies also recognize that a good relationship between patient and health-care provider is necessary for a better treatment result. But, now by increasing productivity of the staff to reduce the expense, there is no time for staff to develop a good relationship with patients. So, rather than investigating about any psychological reasons for the disease, a problem-focused physical treatment is providing for the patients. Most importantly, technology is playing a vital role in reducing the patient- health provider interactions. "Telehealth" provides most of the information about the patient. But, there is some improvement in patient care like bedside manner and psychologist's new integrated treatment method. Affordable Care act allows interested psychologists to move to integrated care. Newly implemented payment models and patient-centered health-care homes encourage psychologists to enter into integrated health care system even-though this method is still under researches and

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