PSY 480: Examination Of Clinical Psychology

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Examination of Clinical Psychology PSY/480 April, 2012 Michelle Sargent Catherine Brodehl PhD Examination of Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology is defined as “the assessment, treatment, and understanding of psychological and behavioral problems and disorders (Plante, 2005, p. 7).” Simply put it is the work of an educated professional putting their knowledge to work to aid others in dealing with issues that affect the consistency of everyday life. Clinical psychology utilizes the scientific method to produce informed practice, procedure, and treatment for those in need of help. The job of a clinical psychologist calls upon a number of personal and social characteristics in order to be successful and produce real results…show more content…
Clinical Child psychologists generally deal with children in hospital settings and primarily with family coping, and pain management, associated with medical treatment or procedures (Plante, 2005). School counselors help students in a number of areas such as academic achievement, personal and social development and career development, they also address issues that affect students in the course of their time at the school such as peer pressure, depression, suicide and even drug and alcohol use. The days of the old school counselors has passed as today’s counselor holds a more active role in helping children to reach not only their academic potential but their personal best as well. Social workers are a jack of all trades as they are many things at once, calling upon a broad range of knowledge and experience. The social worker of today must be advocate, educator, facilitator, and organizer; all backed by an education that focuses on sociology and psychology. Clinical psychology shares a great deal of overlap in information and practice from the fields that it supports and that support it. When comparing child psychology, social work, psychiatry, and even school counseling it is easy to see the overlap in theory and practice. The shared components of client centered care are the most important of shared components. The differences are often…show more content…
The development of the field has been spurred on through the use of research and statistics. Throughout its evolution clinical psychology has met with resistance and challenges that have helped to define the practice. The challenges of the past lead to the resolutions of the present and the further expansion of a field dedicated to the improvement, prevention and strength of the human spirit. Clinical psychology shares a number of important components with other related fields allowing for a more adaptable approach to client care and diagnosis. As time passes the practice and research associated with clinical psychology will continue the natural evolution and understanding of the science allowing for a more defined approach to client care. Generally speaking there are distinct lines that divide the fields of psychology however as the science evolves the inclusion of subfields through working together only adds to the concept of clinical psychology and improves the understanding for all involved (Santos,

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