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“From the past of Clinical Mental Health” “From the past of Clinical Mental Health” In the next pages the reader is going learn about the history of clinical mental health counseling as to how the past has changed the present with philosophical foundations, educational standards, licensing, and credentialing with the communities. The reader will have a greater understanding of the past to the present with how society and counselors raised the bar for care givers of mental health. One may think that we have not come far in the last 100 years in counseling but that is far from the truth. The hope that the writer can made it clear that so after reading this paper the reader has a greater knowledge of the past to the present of counseling.…show more content…
Education: completion of a CACREP-approved program in Mental Health Counseling or the equivalent (see Appendix A); 2. Experience: completion of at least 3,000 hours of clinical experience; 3. Supervision: completion of at least 100 hours of face-to-face supervision by a qualified supervisor; 4. Standards of practice: adherence to the AMHCA Standards of Clinical Practice; 5. Ethical standards: adherence to appropriate statutory or certifying body or professional association code of ethics; 6. National clinical examination: achievement of a passing score on clinical exam; 7. Competency-based criterion (work sample): submission of a satisfactory sample of counseling session on audio or video tape; and 8. Statutory regulation: appropriately licensed where available”. (Smith, H. B., & Robinson, G. P). This will allow one to become a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) through the…show more content…
The end is here for this discussion on the history of mental health counselors and the history behind them. The reader has had a little background on counseling in the United States. It is one of the youngest of the human services profession which was started for aiding students in schools and evolved into higher education and learning to ensure that the community has the professionals in place to render aid to all that need it. One learned that education and accreditation is needed to be a clinical mental health counselor today. Different models have been given to aid counselors to help many different problem and issues in the community. Note that it has improved from the start but still has room to grow for the future. We just started to improve our counselors and the future holds the

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