How to Write Self Assessment Report-Psychologist

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Self-Assessment I would like to take this opportunity to share my understanding and skills I have gathered from my solid educational grounding as well as my extensive work experience where I have demonstrated high degree of professionalism and dedication in issues of mental health, rehabilitation and recovery, keeping myself attuned to issues of privacy and diversity. The various professional placements I have undertaken have enhanced my ability to work effectively as a part of the inter-disciplinary team focused on mental health care and related issues. I possess a critical understanding of the issues of disability and diversity which I believe are essential to promoting mental health related goals with clients and maintaining a supportive work environment. Having completed my post graduate degree in Clinical Psychology, mental health has continued to be a key area of focus throughout my practice. I have gained an in-depth understanding of the role a Clinical Psychologist plays in promoting mental health. My area of work with Children at School and handling different kinds of cases in hospital settings involving all age groups is an evidence of my capabilities and experience as a Psychologist. My extensive practical experience has helped me enhance my communication skills. Dealing with the population having emotional and mental issues has given me an understanding of the influence of feelings, attitudes, thoughts and perspectives on the behaviour of others. Analysing personal problems and individual needs has become a part of life. In addition to the above, it has given me the ability to lead, inspire and work effectively with people; my experience has given me an ability to be non-judgemental and objective. My personal convictions, work and life experiences, and academic studies all reinforce my belief that work, and productive activities more generally,

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